having strong levels of attachment to several different characters and series is incredibly difficult because it’s like. who do i set as my phone background. and laptop background. what do i center my theme and url around. who do i put as my icon


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[THEMES] #4 to call for hands from above


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→ sidebar image (not included)

 hover navigation menu (4 links)
 icon or no icon option
 faded images (optional)
 title can be removed
 lowercase tags or normal

Max width AND height for the sidebar is 180px. If you make it higher than that, it messes up. In addition to that, 4 links are required. I tried everything to make that more flexible but it just wasn’t working. You can have less links/higher sidebar image if you know how to work the coding. If there are any other bugs, let me know.
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for someone who ask for misfits coloring :) here you go

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Shocklock texture pack 10# 
Click here for download link, more here.


psd 4 by gifpsd (For ”The Amazing Spiderman”) - requested by anon
download - [mediafire]
contains vibrance
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psd22 (mf)

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